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Become a Fitness Professional, Nutrition or Wellness Expert or Personal Trainer at the NESTA Fitness Trainer School. Complete Certified Personal Fitness Trainer online Career Training course and comprehensive program can be completed in less than 2 months. As part of your career training program, you take the NESTA certification. The students who pass, become NESTA Certified Personal Trainers and can also earn additional credentials. The health and fitness industry is rapidly growing, so jobs and exciting careers are expected to increase 15% over the next few years in the U.S. and around the world. Fitness coaches work in gyms, spas, health clubs, resorts, hotels, schools, or client's homes. Many are successful entrepreneurs. With NESTA's Fitness School, you do your studies at home or on the go, and at the best pace that’s perfect for you. Learn the fundamentals of the personal training, health, nutrition and wellness fields from nutrition and lifestyle planning and weight loss strategies to highly-targeted fitness training routines, anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology. Our complete program will help you take the important first step towards your career as a certified personal fitness trainer. When people first join a fitness club , they are mostly unsure what they should do inside the building of fitness class. Some usually struggle to determine which exercise suits them and others simply do not know how to do these exercises. Teaching classes requires you to be a really good multitasker. The workout has to be challenging enough for everyone, but not too difficult that people feel left behind. After you've planned a workout (and set it to music!), you then have to teach it and pay attention to the movements of anywhere from three to 30 people at one time. After I got certified, other trainers told me that it would take at least a year for me to build a regular client base. I couldn’t fathom that amount of time, so I smiled politely and disregarded it. Lo and behold, one year later and my schedule is finally almost maxed out. Whether you are a new comer to the fitness class and gym or you just don’t have much knowledge about the fitness then group classes are the best solution of your problems. By joining a fitness class , you can easily build a foundation and structure that can fuel your journey for personal fitness for many years. Some of the advantages of group fitness classes are following :- 1-Motivation Group fitness classes are a great way to help you in motivating yourself and others to do more harder exercises and workouts. It is very motivating and inspiring to be surrounded by dedicated individuals with same mind set and it keeps you motivated. 2- Fun :- Group classes for fitness are a great way to provide all the elements that can make your workout more interesting and enjoyable. It will provide you with many fun activities during the class. 3-Regularity :- Group fitness classes will make you more punctual and regular.The basic key to fitness is regularity. When you enroll yourself in group fitness classes , your presence and absence is noticed.Often this will provide you a push to get you out from your bed. This is a major reason behind the fact that group fitness members stick with their fitness plan longer than gym goers who train solely. 4- Time Management :- The biggest challenge face by gym goers is time management. On the other hand group fitness classes are designed to suit your busy routine. A scheduled class can serve as a motivation for you to overcome your mattress syndrome and will make you more regular and punctual. Moreover , time passes very quickly when you are in a fitness class and these classes are designed in such a way to make your time fun. I always offer modifications for beginners in my classes, but it's important to keep an eye out for people doing moves incorrectly and helping them discreetly while keeping the rest of the class on track. The energy of a room and the camaraderie of teaching to a group is different than one-on-one, and I enjoy both. 5- Variety Group fitness classes also offer huge variety of fitness and training options to add fun to your workouts. Now a days group classes are available both outdoors and indoors to provide you with variable and different options for workout so that you can focus on each and everything from Bosu to Bootcamp , Boxing to Pilates. 6- Challenging Environment :- The main reason that people who regularly do fitness activities at gym don’t get their results is that they don’t challenge themselves. In other words their workouts and exercises are very simple and easy. But in a group fitness class , you get a more challenging environment. In a fitness class , you will be challenged to work harder and as a result you will do more efforts to keep up with other individuals of class. 7- Social Activities :- When you help different persons in their workouts in a fitness class then it creates a connection between you and others. The experience of getting through the challenges together leads to the development of a good relationship between you and others.

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